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Not sure what is your level of Aviation English? Then register today for this Examination. Your level of Aviation English may be better than you think!
The operational level (ICAO Level 4) is the minimum required to be allowed to use the English language for Radio Telephony purposes.
ICAO Level 5 is located between the minimum requirements (Level 4) and the expert level (Level 6). This level is particularly desirable for those aiming for a career in aviation. The requirements and expectations are higher for level 5 exams.
ICAO Level 6 is the maximum language level that can be achieved. Level 6 is considered the Expert ICAO level. The demands and expectations of this level are very high. Suitable for people with a very good knowledge of English.
Level 4: Valid 4 years. Level 5: Valid 6 years. Always available. Contact us today for your extension.

Exam Procedure

The exam consists of two parts or three parts:

Spencer Aviation Language

LBA Certified as: D-LTO-061 Renée Spencer

Listening Comprehension

In the multiple-choice procedure, the answer that best describes the situation heard should be selected from a given selection of answers.


Speaking Skills

Questions to determine speaking skills by means of an examination interview


ICAO Sprachprüfung stufe 4-6

Have you ever went in for a Level 4 Exam, knowing that your English skills are much better than Level 4? At Spencer Aviation Language (Renée Spencer D-LTO-061) we offer you the opportunity to sit an exam in which the result is not predetermined. In other words, the results of your Level of Aviation Language will only be determined after you sit the exam and not before!

English Proficiency Levels 4, 5 & 6

Unsere Dienstleistung

We invite you to get your ICAO English Language certified with us. In a relaxed and stress free atmosphere, you are welcomed to sit your exam at our approved Language Testing Organization at your convenience. If you are located in the Hessen or Rheinland-Pfalz regions, we will also come to you.

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